Hi there! Are you visiting New York for the first time? Great choice. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip to the Big Apple.

  1. The best way to see New York is by foot or subway: If you love spending time stuck in traffic, take a cab or Uber around New York City. If you love spending time exploring or if you just value your time in general, stick to getting around by foot or the impressive subway system.

    The gridlock pattern of New York City streets is what traffic nightmares are made of. Parking is a headache, too! If you’re going to New York City for the first time, save your sanity (and your time) and plan on packing comfortable walking shoes!

  2. Leave Manhattan: New York City has so many incredible neighborhoods. Each with their own vibe and list of attractions to visit so there’s no reason to stick to one place. If looking for the best area to stay in New York, first-time visitors may decide on Manhattan due to its central location. While it’s a fine choice, I encourage you to go out and explore places like Brooklyn and the Bronx as well! Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, eat some pizza and explore the streets yourself. Or maybe watch a Yankees baseball game in the Bronx — there’s more to New York than Manhattan!
  3. Beware of petty crimes: Is New York dangerous? Overall, no. New York City is used to lots of tourists so the streets are quite safe for walking!  But just like other big cities, pickpocketing is quite common. Be mindful of the items on your person while walking through busy crowds in Time Square or tight spaces in the subway.

    Another petty crime in NYC can be unmarked taxi cabs trying to scam you, which can be quite scary! Only flag down and take rides from clearly marked yellow NYC taxis.  Other than that, New York City is quite safe and well policed! Just use your best judgment and you’ll have no problems.

  4. Schedule enough time to explore and truly appreciate the city: When visiting New York for the first time, you’ll come with a long list of “must visit” places. The Met, Brooklyn Bridge, that fancy cronut store…the list goes on. New York City is not a destination you can rush through. You need to slow down and savor the bustle of the city and the culture and sights that surround you. How many days in New York is ideal? I’d say at least four full days.To see all the hotspots and eat at every restaurant recommended by friends and Yelp, four days should give you a good overview of the city. Of course, more is always better but time isn’t always on our side!
  5. Try out a variety of restaurants and food experiences: New York City often gets a rep of being a costly city to visit. While it may not be the most budget-conscious city, it doesn’t have to break the bank, either!

    Sure, there are Michelin star restaurants, but, honestly, there are a variety of food experiences that are good too if not better. Give them all a try!