There are few things more cool than the downtown neighborhood of Nolita and the eponymous The Nolitan hotel.

Located at 30 Kenmare Street and within walking distance to other exciting New York City neighborhoods (SoHo, Little Italy, Lower East Side), The Nolitan is an urban oasis in a hip and funky downtown scene. The area, which is known for its Instagrammable bars and restaurants and is well-frequented by the young, hip and creative, is also known for hosting international out-of-towners and, normally, bustling well into the wee hours. Please note, as of this writing, the world is still contending with the spread of Covid-19 and, therefore, many businesses have had to modify their hours of operation in order to assist their local municipalities with mitigation efforts. Nonetheless, it appears Nolita is alive and well and The Nolitan is the perfect hotel option for a well-deserved getaway.

This trendy boutique hotel, which sits on the corner of Kenmare Street and Elizabeth Street, is small in size, but big in downtown flavor. The neon ‘Nolitan’ sign which calls to you from off the sidewalk sets the tone for your stay, as well as for the neighborhood. Walking into the lobby is a treat as you are courtly greeted from behind a relatively informal front desk and welcomed into a très chic living room art space complete with a tufted library/study area. If creating content is your thing, you have hit the jackpot as this hotel was designed to be shared on Instagram. As a matter of fact, the entire hotel, as seen from down the street, is incredibly design-oriented and is, curiously, reminiscent of a museum.

You’ll be glad to know the check in process is easy and unfussy. However, on this particular trip and due to the pandemic, I was asked to fill out a Traveler Health Form, which I happily obliged. I also discovered a thoughtful welcome letter in my hotel room outlining the various cleaning measures enacted by the property in order to protect guests and staff. In all honesty, I’m glad to see a hotel as cool as this taking public health seriously.

While on the small side, it’s no surprise the rooms at The Nolitan are anything but impressive. Each room in this 57-room property is complete with elemental concrete, stunning views of New York City and modern amenities including bikes, skateboards, gaming systems, and iPads to plan your day.

If you’re looking to try out restaurants nearby, dine at Pietro Nolita, Nom Wah Nolita, The Butcher’s Daughter, Egg Shop or Kimika (the hotel’s restaurant).

You’ll find this hotel doesn’t skip a beat and neither does New York. Whatever your reasons are for coming to this great city, you’ll find several reasons more to never want to leave and The Nolitan is the perfect home away from home.


Thank you to The Nolitan.


30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012


(212) 925-2555



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