Searching for Gold is a travel + lifestyle blog dedicated to discovering the top destinations in the United States, as well as the best in travel, style, beauty, food and culture from across the country.

Stephani Guerro is an American actor and creative based in New York City. She is also the host and creator of Searching for Gold Across America™ – a video series which (you guessed it!) will highlight the best in travel, style, beauty, food and culture from across the country.

As a proud daughter of immigrants and armed with a theater, film and photography background, she created this blog as a love letter and resource for those wishing to explore her country.

Inspired by a backpacking trip after college and a life motto of “searching for gold in people, places and experiences,” the idea for this project came about when a solo trip abroad proved to not be as idyllic as she had hoped. Enchanted by Europe’s architecture and history, but feeling a bit lost and alone in a foreign land, she grew curious about the country she called home and that already offered her so much opportunity.

She returned with a strong desire to explore the country where her parents met as foreigners and to re-envision the sights of early explorers.

Searching for Gold Across America™ is a dream in the making – it is a creative platform where the artist gets to play storyteller, as well as declare her love for New York City and this great country paved in gold.

Currently, Stephani is a member of Old Vic New Voices, a transatlantic community of creative talent, dedicated to offering its members unrivaled career support through a dynamic program of masterclasses and networking events with some of the very best minds in the business.

Other interests include film/tv making, pinhole photography, street art, found items, modern art, irony, humor and the 90s.


For general inquiries or for advertising opportunities, please send an email to info@searchingforgold.com.