Kimpton Nine Zero

Kimpton Nine Zero

New York City may be America’s cultural tipping point, however, Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution. It was in Boston one fateful night that Paul Revere set off into the midnight to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of the approaching British troops. If it were not for this famous ride and the disgruntled colonists who fought for freedom from British rule, then, perhaps, American History might be much different.

Sure, many subsequent battles were lost and won in New York City and it is where General George Washington became the First President of the United States, however, no battle did more for the American Revolution than the one that began it.

It’s hard to visit Boston and not see this action play out before your eyes. From the architecture, to the tours, to, even, the restaurants (go to Union Oyster House to visit the longest running restaurant in America; also known for regulars John F. Kennedy and Daniel Webster), everything in Boston is rich in history.

On a different note, it’s also a very modern city with vast dining, shopping, nightlife and entertainment options. It’s one of few cities that can offer the charm and quaintness of a quintessential New England town and, also, the vibrancy and effervescence of a metropolis.

During a few warm and sunny days in February (unusual, I know), I was lucky to stay at Kimpton Nine Zero, a chic boutique hotel located in the Downtown Boston area and down the street from Boston Common. Located at 90 Tremont Street, Kimpton Nine Zero is close to many of Boston’s main attractions, but also offers swanky amenities and services for those that’d rather never leave the hotel (totally possible), such as a daily wine hour in the lobby for guests, in-room spa services and a dedicated pet concierge. While I love a good spa day, this was certainly not going to be the case on this trip, as the New England Patriots had just won the Superbowl and the entire city was getting ready to celebrate. Yankee or not, I’m no party pooper. Coincidentally, I got to the city in time to catch the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl Victory Parade, which was my first and, probably, favorite sporting event of any nature. Bostonian’s sure know how to party. Also, coincidentally, my hotel was located directly on the parade route meaning I had a good chance of viewing the parade from my hotel room. Touchdown.

Going to Boston is always a treat, especially when a stay means checking in at the Kimpton Nine Zero. The 190-room property is beautifully designed and features rich velvet drapes, deep dark leather and gold details to elevate your lodging experience – you’ll feel like royalty by the time you leave. While there are plenty of dining options in the area, a trip to Better Sorts Social Club is definitely worth some consideration – especially since it’s on the second floor of the hotel. Yep, this hip, gastropub is a member of the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group and, therefore, is within the building. As you can imagine, the restaurant is also beautifully designed with plush velvet chairs and tufted leather booths – it’s the perfect place to befriend a stranger or to try with a dinner companion.

There’s so much to love about Boston, as well as Kimpton Nine Zero – each new discovery is icing on the cake. Whether it’s the amenities, the stunning views of Boston at night or the fervor of sports fans, a trip to Boston is always a win-win.

It’s one of my favorite modern old cities in the U.S. and an easy destination to travel to and explore.


Thank you to Kimpton Nine Zero.


90 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108


(617) 772-5800


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